Find out with an environmental inspection from our team in St. Louis & Alma, MI

Prior to scheduling your next remodeling project, please contact one of our accredited asbestos inspectors first. We can help assist you with identifying materials that may potentially containing asbestos within your residence or business.

As easy as 3,5,7.

Current regulating agencies require we collect 3, 5 or 7 samples per homogeneous or suspect asbestos containing material.

During the inspection, we:

  • Collect bulk samples of suspect asbestos containing materials.
  • Submit bulk samples to an accredited NVLAP laboratory for analysis.
  • Provide a easy to understand detailed report including lab results.
  • Provide abatement and/or demolition services if required.
Arrange for an environmental prior to your next project by call our team at MAR. We are here to help! Call 989-681-2413 now.